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About Our Ambassadors


Why did I become a Calorie Coach?

I have a background in fitness and a history of being a cheerleader of people. I was 8 months post-partum and needed a cheerleader. Food had made me sick. I was insulin resistant and had thyroid problems. Two months in I was medicine free and feeling amazing. I needed someone to push me, though. I needed someone to meet me where I was on my journey and listen. I needed that human touch on my journey, and I got it. I wanted to be able to return the favor.

I believe that positivity breeds positivity. If I could take all the positives that were happening with my health and share them with clients, I could change the world. Or at least their world. I now get to meet my clients where they are. I get to push them to their goals. I get to be a cheerleader of people. Best yet, my clients have come to inspire me in my journey; My clients have changed my world.

Favorite Story about a client:

This is so tough. I regularly tell people my clients are the greatest. If I have to share one, it will be the wedding dress story. I have this client. She is a firecracker. She wanted to put back on her wedding dress. I will never forget the day that picture was on my facebook feed. Not only did she fit in it, it was too BIG. I mean let that sink in…That is the day that most women feel their best! They search high and low the perfect everything. She took that representation of perfection and shattered it in the best possible way! She is is a goal digger!